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1: Two Big Ivory Phoenixes

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China, Beijing, the XX-th century middle. Desktop ornament in the form of two pair Birds, on supports, ivory (two tusks), carving, engraving, ink; a tree, a carving, height of 69-70 cm (without supports), diameter of the basis 12-13 cm, (Weight of each tusk of 4,5 kg).

Two pair symmetric carved volume sculptures represent a composition from two Chinese fantastic birds – standing phoenixes, with long plumose tails of type peacock which go down to the sculpture basis, with the combined wings, with cops and long feathers on a head and a neck, on a neck the magnificent plumage is cut out. Birds are represented standing on a rock, sculptures have a bow-shaped bend, natural form of tusks is kept. Heads are lifted by beaks upwards, turned at one bird – to the right, at another – to the left. About birds huge magnificent flowers of a treelike peony are cut out. Below, at the basis of sculptures relief coiling dragons, on one on each sculpture in pair to a phoenix are cut out. Also sculptures are added by carved human figures – on two tusks the group of eight Taoist immortal, on four on each tusk is represented.
Each sculpture is cut out from the big integral tusk and impresses in the sizes. The carving a workshop, volume, is executed in a high relief with careful completion of surfaces, with coloring by ink on some fragments. The plasticity of birds is highly impressive; the sculpture is ornated by carved ornaments with realistic study of details: feathers, colors, figures.
At the bottom of sculptures square brands are cut out from four hieroglyphs – the stylized mark of Qianlong Emperor (the motto of years of board of the Chinese emperor correcting in 1736-1795) “It is made in days of Qianlong”, but products concern the XX-th century middle.
The pair decorative images of birds executed from expensive ivory, could be a gift on wedding and serve as an interior ornament. The sculpture is filled by rich good willing symbolics.
Phoenixes in China are considered as the main things in the world of the feathery. Dragons – the main beings among amphibious and animal. Phoenixes usually are a symbol of the empress and a season – summer. The dragons acting together with phoenixes, – symbols of the emperor, and correspond to spring. In steam the dragon and a phoenix are also is familiar a happy married couple, in the wedding day – the groom and the bride become «a dragon and a phoenix (the emperor and the empress) for one day». The image is added by magnificent colors of a peony, also a symbol of wedding, riches, eminence.
The image of the Taoist immortal can be interpreted as a wish of long years of life and happiness.
Carving art on a bone was traditional craft in China. The carving has received especial development in the middle of the XX-th century when there was a possibility to get the big tusks. Masters worked on the single, in families, and in 1950th years in Beijing cartels of carvers on an ivory have been created. Similar products were created for museums, for an ornament of interiors of the state buildings or for gifts to foreign experts and the advisers working in China.

Expert of Russian Ministry of Culture.
Marya L.Menshikova
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