Empire, Hsuan Tung, Szechuan 10 Tael
1891, Bronze Proof CentMY, Official Proof SetS. Copper Proof Sen
DoneApr 23, 2016 1:00 AM UTC

Collectibles Auction Asia 7 / 2016

Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) Auction 7/2016 is a continued auction from previous 6 auctions. CAA auctions focus on local old and current Malaya (Malaysia) and Singapore Coins and Banknotes including error coins and banknotes. CAA auction 7/2016 also has large number of old and current Chinese coins and banknotes, modern Chinese silver coins and PMG certified rare Chinese RMB special and golden number banknotes. CAA auctions also show the uniqueness by presenting ancient regional Kingdom's once circulated gold coins minted by the locals. CAA auctions are providing a chance for world wide collectors to grasp the collection of one of the region's well-known Master Numismatician, Mr. Wong Hon Sum - the Honorable Permanent President of NSA. Come and view his splendid Malaya (Malaysia), Singapore and China coins and banknotes collection and many more. Do not miss the chance to own an item from a reputable collector and Master Numismatician of the region.
Chinese Ancient Cash Coins, 2pc
Sold for SGD190
Apr 23, 2016
Copper 10 cash,  2pcs
Lot Passed
Apr 23, 2016