206: Keyston Bros, San Francisco the Ute Chieftan Parad
74: Sioux Beaded Rifle Case95: Navajo Rug
Los Angeles, CA, United States
DoneJan 27, 2013 12:00 AM UTC

High Noon Western Americana

High Noon's 23rd Annual Auction of cowboy, Indian, Vaquero, Historical, Hollywood and important items of the West. Includes pieces from historically important SIMON BOLIVAR saddle to the renowned 101 Ranch family guest book and spurs and a letter by the infamous Pancho Villa. In the American Indian category the highlights are a Crow beaded & fringed rifle case, an early N Plains tomahawk and a Sioux man's beaded and fringed shirt. In Fine Art an exceptional Edward Borein watercolor as well as pieces by Joseph Sharp, Frank Tenney Johnson, James Reynolds, Burt Proctor, and Jack Swanson. John Cox Canon City spurs, 1915 Idaho Brand book, G S Garcia Crescent Moon Bit. A wonderful & diverse array of Edward H Bohlin, Olsen-Nolte, and Keyston's Ute Chieftan parade saddles will be on the block as well as other exquisite Bohlin items. For the purist of Western collectors, there will be fine saddles, bits and spurs from Texas to California, horsehair bridles and highly detailed & exquisite Mexican saddles.
3: Buermann Lone Star Spurs
Sold for $950
Jan 27, 2013
4: 1993 Signed Rodeo Poster
Sold for $800
Jan 27, 2013
8: Lot of Gambling Items
Lot Passed
Jan 27, 2013
10: Saddlery Catalog Collection
Sold for $1,100
Jan 27, 2013
11: Hugo A Possner
Sold for $2,675
Jan 27, 2013
20: Buffalo Bill Lot
Sold for $1,900
Jan 27, 2013
23: 12-Color Yuma Horsehair Bridle
Sold for $17,000
Jan 27, 2013
24: Canyon City Horsehair Bridle
Sold for $3,250
Jan 27, 2013