New York: Automobile Quarterly 1962-1995
The Chronicles Of Enguerrand De Monstrelet C1400-1470Svenska Flottans Historia 3 Vols 1500-1900's
New York, NY, United States
DoneApr 23, 2017 2:00 PM UTC

World In History Book Auction

In the words of author Stephen King: "Books are a uniquely portable magic." Ignite your imagination through a comprehensive book sale that spans languages, continents and centuries. Within these pages emerge​ a colorful ​array of subjec​ts, from antique​ cartography to ​historic accounts of adventures and explorations. Delve into history with anecdotes​ on the American Revolution​ or immerse yourself in ​the world's most renowned art historical monuments​. No matter your interest, you will uncover an invaluable story to broaden your horizons.