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Craig Helm has been collecting Indian Artifacts all his life. He grew up in Minnesota and was raised on tales told by his father of the Arapaho, Chippewa and Dakota Indians of the Region. Craig and his father spent many summers together hunting the back country for arrowheads and other items. Craig found his first arrowhead at age nine. Craig left his boyhood home at age 17 to join the Navy. He was based in San Diego and also did two tours in Viet Nam. After his military service he attended college majoring in Marketing with a minor in Archaeology. In 1994, Craig decided to follow his dream and dealing as a broker of Indian artifacts and since that time he has been doing estate sales, appraisals as well as auctions. He also maintained for the last thirty years a small space in an antique mall in Ocean Beach, California. Craig always dresses as if he just walked out of a cowboy movie, with his cowboy hat, western shirts, boots and long hair. Craig has been listed twice in the Who’s Who in Indian Relics in 1974 and 1994. Craig cautions individuals regarding the strict regulations regarding the removal of Artifacts from public land. Only items that have been found on private property or the pre-Columbian art that has been in the county more than 50 years are legal for personal collections. Craig’s knowledge in the business allowed him to develop a close relationship with the Heritage of the American Museum in El Cajon on the campus of Cuyamacha College. Originally, Craig held auctions at that location, but has since moved to the Mission Valley Resort Hotel, San Diego, California to hold his auctions. Craig provides free appraisal service for the Heritage of American Museum in El Cajon. The Museum will set a date for their members to bring treasures and pay a minimal fee to the museum for an appraisal. The Museum advertises the Antique Road show and the event is very popular. Many times over a hundred individuals appear carrying their prized treasures which have been in the family for many years or just recently acquired. Craig will comment, “I’m going to have a heart attack when a very rare or unusual item is presented.” Craig has decided to join the 21st Century and become one of the many individuals who now provide on line auctions as well as live auctions. Craig looks forward to working with all the internet bidders. Craig continues to do authentications on prehistoric stone relics. Appraised collections of Art, Artifacts and Antiques and provides investment quality artifacts and arts to his customers.
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